Throughout history there have been individuals who have chosen to take advantage of humanity's own need for spirituality. By preying on a person's need to connect to the Creator these leaders have enriched themselves at the cost of their followers, they have assaulted followers and their children, some have led others to murder and still others to mass suicide. The dark forces that prey on these people need to be exposed for exactly what they are.

Our Channel

Join us as we dive deep into the captivating world of cults and religions. Our discussions have evolved into this vlog dedicated to exploring the mysteries surrounding cult-like groups.

With a focus on both historic and modern cults, we strive to understand the intricate workings that define a cult and examine the impact these movements have had throughout history. Through careful research and analysis, we aim to shed light on the forces that drive people into the depths of these often dark phenomena.

Drawing from our Christian perspectives, we bring a unique lens through which we explore these groups. Often, our exploration goes beyond religious boundaries, offering a wealth of information that appeals to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of human behavior and the allure of cult-like communities.

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Our Mission

When we started Faith, Frauds, and Falsehoods our goal was simple. We wanted to talk to each other and this gave us a great outlet to chat while also presenting something cool for the listener.

Over the last year, we've grown as individuals and as a podcast. We launched our YouTube channel in January 2023 and have loved every minute of it. Our mission and goal has changed in this time too.

Our goal now is to reach as many people as we can and help them all to see the frightful reality of cults as well as the hopeful love of Jesus Christ.

So who are we?


Matt is a a dedicated Christian and father of one. He has served in multiple churches throughout his tenure in ministry roles, including churches focused mainly on service to those in need.

Matt has loved to talk about all things Christianity for since realizing the truth of Jesus for himself. He too was ordained in a Baptist church some years ago and continues to serve in a church environment today.


Bryan is a dedicated Christian and a father of four. Three of his children are adopted, and if you ask he’s likely to tell you that he firmly believes St. James.

He was ordained in the Baptist church in 2016 and served as a youth pastor for many years. While he no longer would consider himself Baptist, he is more than willing to walk alongside the Baptist brothers in Christ

Bryan currently holds two Bachelors’ degrees in Biblical Studies and Apologetics from Liberty University, a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Greek, and is fixing to begin working toward a Masters degree as well. He currently works with an Information Technology organization which specializes in serving churches and ministries.

Our Format

How do we define a cult?

We recognize that there are a significant number of variables that have to be taken into account to determine if some group is a "cult." We also know that there are quite a few out there who would say some groups are a cult or are not a cult even if we determine otherwise. There is no single metric to use to make that determination that will be 100% accurate. We like to think our method lands pretty solidly, but we'll leave that for you to decide.

We measure based on the following metrics:


  1. Misplaced Authority
  2. Eschatological (end times) Error
  3. Soteriological (salvation) Error
  4. Modification of vocabulary
  5. Mistaught concepts


  1. Centralized Authority
  2. We vs They
  3. Isolationist, Exclusivist
  4. Elitism
  5. Proselytism
  6. Outside cultural norms
  7. Labeled a cult by others

At the end of each series of episodes, we give the group we've discussed a score of one to five based on these metrics.

What do our episodes look like?

We started this podcast doing single episodes per group and releasing once a month. This worked out great for a while, but often produced three hour long episodes. I don't know about you, but listening to someone lecture for three hours gets old, even if they're talking about something I find interesting.

Because of this, we opted to start breaking the groups into three episodes, "History," "Teachings," and "Social Issues." This gave us the chance to spend more time talking about the various topics without worrying about going too long.

We moved to YouTube in January 2023, and added another segment "Response." This lets Bryan put his Apologetics degree to work, but also gives us a chance to provide our Christian perspective on the various teachings of the group under review.

Finally, we've landed on even shorter episodes in the summer of 2023. We now do four or five episodes for each main topic and review a specific segment. So for example, the history section is broken down as "Founding and Origin," "Expansion and Growth," and "Notable Events and Controversies." For each group we'll add another section or two based on our findings.

These shorter episodes give us the chance to focus our conversation, but also make it easier for you to listen without having to find an hour to sit and join us.